We strive to make medical care accessible and affordable. To do this, we work hand in hand with an entire community. We want to make receiving medical care a choice that positively affects the family and community at large. With the help of our team of volunteers and financial partners, we hope to give to a country in need. These goals are within our reach, and every day we are one step closer.

What your purchase provides:

This is a list of examples of medicines, medical supplies, staff training, and building maintenance so valuable and much needed in Cambodia. Your donations go directly to the communities we serve in Cambodia.  We at Kindredhouse have full-time jobs and no one receives a salary.

$10 provides 600 Children’s Chewable Tylenol or 400 500mg Amoxicillin antibiotic tablets

$20 provides 100 Bactrim antibiotic tablets or 500 Prenatal Vitamins

$30 provides 100 sterile wound kits: topical antibiotics, adhesive bandages, alcohol prep pads, 1 pr sterile gloves, providone Iodine prep pads, etc.

$50 provides a Sterile Birth Environment for the delivery of 5 children – includes one time use obstetric kit: 1pr str gloves, 1 drape sheet, 2 umbilical clamps, 2 OB towelettes, 1 OB pad, 1 plastic for placenta, 6 gauze sponges, 1 bulb syringe, 4 disposable towels, 2 nylon tie-offs, scalpel twist ties, receiving blanket, 2 alcohol preps, all medications. A sterile birth environment improves child mortality rates by 35%.

$100 helps to provide electricity for 6 months which increases the chance vaccines, medicines, etc. survive extreme weather conditions.

$250 provides ongoing staff medical training and education, community education regarding hand hygiene, water purification, and sanitary food preparation.