What We Do

Mission Statement: KindredHouse is an international endeavor working to promote and advocate for long-term community education, health, and development solutions.

We strive to uphold this mission in the following ways:

  • Providing a market for handmade, fair trade goods.
  • Culturally-appropriate project design and curriculum.
  • Learning about and experiencing the culture and daily lives of the people served.
  • In-depth planning, development, and evaluation to ensure outcomes are achieved.
  • Focusing on understanding the epidemiology and etiology of public health problems to inform and support direct service projects.
  • Sustainable public health and development programs that have a real impact in communities such as hand hygiene, dental health, and clean water.
  • Working on project development in collaboration with local non-governmental and governmental partners, as well as the communities involved in the projects.
  • Interdisciplinary long and short-term volunteer teams of professionals and students and others who seek to support on the ground efforts of the Project and its partners.
  • Advocating for community health, education and development through networking inside and outside the target areas, and supporting efforts on the ground by local partners.